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Providing holistic, independent care with inclusivity and support

As one of Adelaide’s most trusted NDIS providers, we are committed to offering a unique, holistic and inclusive approach to disability care. With personalised services available, our mission is to help participants thrive, leading empowered and independent lives to their fullest potential.

We offer the following services:

Community Nursing
Personal Care Support
Domestic Assistance Support
Disability Transportation Services



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At Nursing Centred Care Australia, we have an interactive, supportive framework that establishes close, empathetic and understanding relationships with our clients, allowing them to be highly involved in every aspect of their care.

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Armed with decades of experience, you can rest assured that our staff have the expertise, experience, technical knowledge and empathy that goes above and beyond expectations in the nursing and disability industry.

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We seek to empower our clients to create as much independence as possible. By establishing an in-depth understanding of their capabilities, we’re able to keep our clients active and mobile in their communities.

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With empathy at the heart of everything we do, our mission is to build the trust, safety, and emotional wellbeing of all of our clients, fostering meaningful connections that empower individuals to thrive in a supportive environment.

The Nursing Centred Care Australia Mission

At Nursing Centred Care Australia, our mission is to see the person first, and disability second. We pride ourselves on being a valued, trusted partner to our clients, ensuring that our services contribute to their overall wellbeing, quality of life and independence for each and every person.

Meet the founder of Nursing Centred Care Australia

Claudine Niyonzima

Hi there!

Nice to meet you – my name is Claudine, founder and face of Nursing Centred Care Australia.

As a nurse with a passion for positive change, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges that families and individuals with disabilities face on a daily basis. Leading with empathy, I established Nursing Centred Care Australia to provide a more specialised, person-centred care and support option for those living with disabilities. In partnership with the NDIS, we can offer genuinely compassionate, affordable healthcare expertise that empowers the individual to grow their quality of life and independence, as well as physical and emotional wellbeing. With a holistic approach to care, we aim to empower our clients to live to their fullest potential – as a partner, at every stage of their journey.

We so look forward to connecting.

Yours faithfully,

Claudine Niyonzima

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“We champion the rights and needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring their voices are heard and respected through consistent, dependable and trustworthy services they can count on.” – Nursing Centred Care Australia

Words that describe Nursing Centred Care Australia


Not everyone cares the same - and we take an empathic approach. Looking to understand our clients, we choose to give tailored solutions to help them live empowered, full lives.


Care is a choice - and we want our clients as involved as possible. With a focus on the individuals goals, preferences & aspirations, we build out customised care plans to suit each client's wants & needs.


Offering a unique and customised approach, our expertise and knowledge in disability support uses the most current evidence-based strategies available to the industry.


We focus just as much on the client’s emotional & social wellbeing as their physical health. Offering a comprehensive and integrated approach to our services, we are able to take a holistic view of our clients.


With a mission to build full and empowered lives for all clients, we support individuals to build skills, gain independence and actively participate in their communities to the best of their abilities.


We work in partnership with others from all areas of support to ensure a coordinated & cohesive approach to care.


Maintaining high standards of professional, ethical & quality service in all aspects of our delivery, Nursing Centred Care Australia are leaders in the disability care industry.


At the cutting edge of care, Nursing Centred Care embraces new technologies, practices & approaches to enhance the efficiency of support provided for all clients.