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Understanding the need for disability care, we offer comprehensive and passionate professional services to enrich the lives of people who require our support. Believing in improving the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities, we offer ongoing assistance, resources, and supporting materials to make your everyday journey as positive as it can be.

We embrace a holistic approach to enable our participants to achieve the best quality of life within the community. As a Nursing Centred Care Australia – trusted NDIS provider Adelaide, NCCA is recognised for compassionate nursing care and excellent support services.

Get to know about our unique, holistic, and inclusive services for disability care

Being a part of us will make you smile and give you the optimum comfort in the most caring way!!

Disability Services provides by NCCA

Welcome to NCCA - Trusted NDIS Support Services Provider Adelaide

We empower the aged and people with disabilities with our fully equipped and experienced support.

As one of the most trusted NDIS providers in Adelaide, we are recognised for providing personalised services to promote your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Our range of diversified services and holistic approach will give our clients the much-needed independence they need to thrive in a supportive environment. Prioritising the goals of our clients, we help you with our expertise, technical knowledge, and empathy to maintain your independence and social connection. As a close-knit team of experts who believe in shared values and personalised and comprehensive patient care solutions, As the leading disability agency, NCCA is changing the perceptions of aged and disability care with competency and coordination. By managing the client’s needs and preferences with our optimal care, we help each of our participants to live their lives with dignity.

Our vision and mission will contribute to the holistic care of our clients at every stage of their journey with a personalised approach and quality support.


What’s the Value of Our NDIS Support Service?

As one of the leading NDIS support services, we offer our clients a truly reliable and caring approach to achieving the goals that they have set. Understanding your lifestyle needs and preferences, NCCA offers a high standard of care to people through in-home and community care services. Dedicated to streamlining your empowerment journey, we facilitate and optimise your access to essential support and resources.

Offering diversified healthcare expertise, we promote your holistic well-being in a collaborative and trusted environment.

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A family-centred approach - continuity of care

We deeply recognise the crucial role that families play in the continuity of care and wellbeing of individuals with disabilities. By providing daily education, support and resources for families, our mission is to enhance your ability to support your loved ones.

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Collaborative approach

Combining nursing expertise with NDIS support services, we strongly believe in making sure our clients feel seen, heard and understood. By actively involving them in the decision-making process, we foster a trusting, collaborative relationship.

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Timely access to services

We understand the importance of timely support in the lives of individuals with disabilities. We prioritise prompt service and responsive support, ensuring that our clients receive the assistance they need without unnecessary delays.

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Dedicated to creating meaningful outcomes

It’s really important to us that our clients have an empowered, high quality of life. Beyond their medical care, we place a large focus on developing their independence and overall wellbeing to ensure that every day is as positive as it can be.

Meet our founder, Claudine Niyonzima

Welcome to Nursing Centred Care Australia.

With a deeply-set passion for providing safe, individualised care for each of my patients, it has been one of my greatest journeys to partner with the NDIS and grow Nursing Centred Care Australia. Providing compassionate, patient-centred care that develops an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs is at the heart of what we do, and, when underpinned by trust and empathy, we are able to provide a holistic and empowering approach to healthcare and support.

I am privileged to be entrusted with the responsibility of supporting individuals with disabilities and their families on their unique journeys. At Nursing Centred Care Australia, we aim to empower, support and encourage every individual with a personalised and compassionate service that grows their quality of life.

We are so thrilled to welcome you into the Nursing Centred Care Australia family.

Yours in health,

Claudine Niyonzima

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Empowering lives with our NDIS Disability Support Services in Adelaide

Ensure your empowering journey is as smooth as possible with our excellent NDIS Disability Support Services in Adelaide.

NCCA has always fostered a personalised approach for the aged and people with disabilities to meet their requirements with optimal care. Adhering to the motto of quality services, our experts will enable you to live your life on your own terms. Our excellent support plan and our qualified and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the best advice, information, and support to meet your unique needs. Working closely with our clients, our diverse range of expert services will make you feel safe, stay healthy, and enjoy optimum comfort at home and elsewhere.

Our finest and most quality disability services will help you manage your independence, regardless of your needs. NCCA offers you peace of mind with compassionate and quality care!!

NDIS Disability Support Services We Provide in Adelaide

As a trusted disability agency in Adelaide, we are known for our wide range of disability support services that enhance your well-being with our comprehensive and well-integrated care approach. Understanding our client’s unique needs and lifestyle preferences, NCCA professionals offer expertise to manage their independence and comfort from the safety of their own homes. We ensure you get our help even at odd hours, as our licenced professionals are committed to giving you the much-needed support for an absolutely positive experience.

Reach out to our experts to support your goals and customised needs in the best way possible to keep your independence and live your life in your own way!!

Community nursing service

In community nursing for disabilities, we emphasize preventive care to minimize complications and enhance overall health outcomes. Our dedicated nurses conduct health assessments and provide specialized support in medication management, ensuring proper adherence to prescribed treatments for individuals with disabilities in the community.

Personal Care Support Service

Would you or your family like assistance or supervision with daily personal activities? With dignity and humility at the centre of our approach, we can provide as little or as much support as necessary, placing an importance on personal hygiene, personal care and daily tasks.

Domestic Support Service

We understand that having a clean, tidy and functional environment is a catalyst in your wellbeing. Offering support for domestic duties, we help you maintain your independence by establishing routine, becoming more active across household chores, and teaching skills that make it much easier to live alone.

Travel Support by NDIS Provider

Need transport support? Whether it’s help using public transport or driving via our wheelchair accessible vehicle, we are able to support you to travel independently. We often support people by taking them to work, shopping, appointments and around the community.

We are committed to offering a unique & exceptional experience for our NDIS participants.

At Nursing Centred Care Australia, we are proud to offer a holistic approach to care, which goes far beyond a basic service delivery. We strive to create a supportive, inclusive and empowering environment where our participants can develop skills that can help them reach their full potential.

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A Trusted Provider of Disability Support Services in Adelaide

As a trusted provider of disability support services in Adelaide, we offer you a patient-centred care approach with our high-intensity and valued services. Believing in fulfilling the unique needs of our clients, NCCA professionals offer unflagged support and assistance to make their lives easier in the finest way. Our core values of compassionate service, innovative care, and technology offer the flexibility to support our client’s goals to live with dignity and humility while managing their independence.

NCCA is committed to enhancing your quality of life at home and in your community with trusted, skilled, reliable, and caring disability support services.

We are driving our mission with optimum expertise and experience to help participants thrive, and lead empowered and independent lives to their fullest potential.


Why NCCA is your Unveiling Choice for Disability Agency in Adelaide?

The segment of disability services in Adelaide requires the experience and expertise of NDIS professionals to offer quality care for a diverse range of conditions. Committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and participate in community life, we offer personalised NDIS support after carefully listening to you and understanding your requirements. We offer excellence to our clients in overcoming their obstacles with innovative solutions.

Get to know more about Why NCCA is the Best Disability Agency in Adelaide?

It is our unwavering support to meet the changing needs of clients and the following range of disability support services that help us to stand apart in this segment –

  • Personal Care Support,
  • Community Nursing,
  • Domestic Household & Chores Support,
  • Travel & Appointment Support, and More…

With our extensive support network, we are always on your side. Call us now to get in touch with our friendly staff team.

We empower you to achieve your goals and live as independently as possible!!

NDIS Service Provider


Compassionate and reliable – that's how I would describe Nursing Centred Care. They have exceeded my expectations.


I appreciate the personalized attention I receive from Nursing Centred Care. They genuinely listen to my needs and go above and beyond to ensure my goals are met.


The staff at Nursing Centred Care are not just caregivers; they are companions who empower and uplift.



What type of disability support services does your team help with?

The NCCA professional team offers a diverse range of services, including community nursing, personal care support, domestic household & chores support, and travel & appointment support.

How can I apply for NDIS funding in Adelaide?

If you think you are eligible for the NDIS, then –

  • Contact your local NDIS Office or local NDIS partner and ask for their support to connect with local disability support,
  • Apply to the NDIS if you are eligible,
  • Contact 1800 800 110 and ask support to let you know how to apply to the NDIS
What documents or information do I need when working with an NDIS Provider in Adelaide?

Get the NDIS Provider checklist and ensure to have the legal documents or information, including the NDIS Consent Form, NDIS Incident Management Policy, and NDIS Complaints Management & Resolution Policy, to facilitate working procedures.

If I find the services unsatisfactory, can I switch NDIS Service providers in Adelaide?

Yes. In case you find the services of the current provider are unsatisfactory, then you can easily switch to a different NDIS Service provider in Adelaide.

How do you ensure quality in your NDIS services in Adelaide?

First, consider the specific needs and aspirations of the NDIS participants. Based on that, research the provider’s track record and reputation. Also, check the reviews and client satisfaction scores.